I’m shy, and see shyness as one of my greatest weaknesses. I’m also male, extrapolate from that what you will…

Any problems I perceive in society normally correspond to weaknesses I perceive in myself; I look at the process of becoming a better me as being a microcosm of the process of creating a better world.

As an aspiring historian I see the world through a historical lens, judge our present based on our past, and abhor the disregard of tradition and the blind acceptance of progress.

I believe in Liberalism, but would not identify with Liberal (or Democrat) politics. I reject progressivism as a doctrine, but believe in progressive government as long as it tempered with a degree of traditionalism and/or conservatism.

As a centrist I see good on both the left and the right (in terms of a Canadian spectrum). I eschew extremism, but believe that it sometimes has a necessary function.

As a non-denominational Christian I strive to imitate Christ. I am constantly ruminating on how best to do so, and on my complete and utter failure in the regard.

I believe in social justice, and equal human rights, but also that rights come hand in hand with responsibilities and that we cannot have one without the other.

I still think of myself as an athlete, enjoy working out, and try to live a healthy life style. I also play hockey, soccer, and volleyball, enjoy water and downhill skiing.

I’m a Habs fan,-don’t hold it against me.

An avid reader, I primarily enjoy Historical/Science Fiction, Fantasy, Ancient Mythology, and History, with some Philosophy and Theology thrown in as time permits.

I’m also a Star Wars fan, love playing and listening to music, believe myself to be a beer connoisseur, and enjoy nothing more than engaging conversations around a hookah, or in a hot tub, or around a campfire ….


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